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Each year over 1.2 million abdominal wall hernia surgery procedures are performed in the United States, making hernia surgery one of the most common operations done. Of these, approximately 800,000 are inguinal and femoral hernias, 250,000 umbilical and ventral hernias, 120,000 incisional hernias, and 10,000 other hernias. Most hernia surgeries are performed by general surgeons who also perform many other types of surgical procedures in their practice. On the average, general surgeons perform 30 to 50 hernia surgeries a year. There are many surgeon sub-specialists that do not do any hernia surgery, and some surgeons that do more than 50 hernias a year. Most hernia repairs are done with mesh. Approximately 15% (about 125,000) of the inguinal and femoral hernias are done laparoscopically.

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