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Dermabond Closes Wounds With No Stitches

The Hernia Institute of Florida participated in the clinical study of a remarkable new product called Dermabond, which closes skin incisions without sutures.

Nine surgical centers around the country participated in a 900-patient study to see how well the product worked, and if it had advantages over stitches.

“In every case, excellent results were obtained,” said Dr. Gilbert. “There were absolutely no complications and patients expressed great satisfaction and appreciation because Dermabond doesn’t have to be removed as do sutures or tape.”

Dr. Gilbert said the Hernia Institute always has been committed to developing better techniques that return patients to normal activity as quickly as possible, and Dermabond will be very useful. “Patients are allowed to shower the evening of surgery and can resume activities such as swimming, golf and tennis earlier than with the traditional types of wound closures,” he said.

He said that Dermabond (a cyanoacrylate product) was developed by Closure Medical of Raleigh, North Carolina. It is being distributed worldwide by Ethicon, a division of Johnson & Johnson.



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