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Meetings and Presentations

sm_logo2.gif (5285 bytes) For further information concerning the below listed meetings and presentations, please call the Institute at (305) 667-7878.

Endoscopic evaluation of Colon Diseases Presented at World Congress of Gastroenterology, Mexico City 1973.

Florida Medical Association 1973.

University of Miami 1973.

Colonoscopy Congress 1980.

Advances and Improvements in Hernia Surgery, 1984:
Incentive Programs.
Overnight Herniorrhaphy – An Eclectic Approach.

Advances and Improvements in Hernia Surgery 1987.
Prosthetic Adjuncts to Groin Hernia Repair.
One Surgeon’s View of Reducing Medical Legal Exposure in Hernia Surgery.

Advances and Improvements in Hernia Surgery 1989.
Sutureless Repair of Inguinal Hernia.
Report on CHATS Study – Cooperative Hernia Analysis of Types and Surgery.
Peritoneum in Ventral Herniorrhaphy. Use It, Don’t Lose It.
Personal Risk Management in Hernia Surgery.

American College of Surgeons 1988 Chicago – Scientific Display – CHATS Study and Sutureless Repair of Inguinal Hernia.

Homestead Air Force Base Hospital September 27, 1989 – lecture
Etiology of Hernia Recurrence and Exploration of Techniques to Reduce Their Incidence.

American College of Surgeons – 1989 Atlanta – Scientific Exhibit – Sutureless Repair of Inguinal Hernia – CHATS Update.

American Society of Osteopathic Surgeons – 1988.

Visiting Professor, Mt. Sinai Hospital, New York, NY November, 1989.

A.C.O.I. – Rimini, Italy, First Italian Hernia Meeting, May, 1990

First French Hernia Meeting, Nice, France, May, 1990.

Guest Lecturer Val de Grace Hospital, Paris, France May, 1990.

American College of Surgeons, 1990, San Francisco – Scientific Display – Sutureless Repair of Inguinal Hernia.

Moderator – Evening of Clinical Discussion – GORE October, 1990 Los Angeles, CA.

Advances and Improvements in Hernia Surgery, February, 1991:
A Century of Evolution in Hernia Surgery.
The Sutureless Repair of Inguinal Hernia.
Responsibility in Hernia Surgery–The Patient, the Law, the Surgeon.

Guest Lecturer at Fascia Congress, Hamburg, Germany, May 8, 1991.

Moderator – Current Concepts in Groin Hernia Repair – GORE May, 1991, Indianapolis, Indiana.

American College of Surgeons 1991 Chicago – Scientific Display – Sutureless Repair of Inguinal Hernia.

American College of Surgeons 1992 New Orleans – Scientific Display – Sutureless Repair of Inguinal Hernia.

Moderator Surgical Congress, “Developments in General Surgery” Curacao, Netherland Antilles.

Guest Lecturer, Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore
Medical Center, New York City: The Sutureless Repair of Inguinal  Hernia December, 1992.

Advances and Improvements in Hernia Surgery, February, 1993.
Sutureless Hernia Repair & Advantages of Local Anesthesia, Pitfalls and Complications of Hernia Repair.

Guest Lecturer and Panel Moderator, Third International Videosurgery Forum Rome Italy: The Sutureless Repair of Inguinal Hernia, March, 1993.

Panel Participant, 21st Annual Spring Meeting, American College of Surgeons, Montreal, Canada: The Surgery of Hernia in 1993: A Critical Appraisal- Sutureless Mesh Repair, April, 1993.

Guest Lecturer, First International Minimally Invasive Surgery Workshop, European Surgical Institute, Hamburg, Germany: Advantages of Prosthetics in Hernia Repairs, May 11-14, 1993.

Guest Lecturer, Study Day, G.R.E.P.A., Milan, Italy: Classification of Hernias, May 15, 1993.

Guest Lecturer, Hernia 1993: Advances or Controversies – An International Perspective Indianapolis, Indiana: Sutureless Repair, Pitfalls and Complications of Hernia Repair, May 23-27, 1993.

American College of Surgeons 1993 San Francisco – Scientific Display for “Anterior and Posterior Sutureless Repairs.”

Guest Lecturer, Spring Meeting – American College of Surgeons, Montreal, Canada, April 11, 1993: Benefits of Conventional Hernia Repair.

Guest Lecturer, Hamburg, Germany – March 30- April 2, 1994: Mesh Hernia Repair.

American College of Surgeons – October, 1994 – Chicago – Scientific Display “Improved Sutureless Repair.”

Auxberg, Germany – March, 1995 – Hernia Surgery Course for Surgeons’ Commencement Program.

Guest Lecturer, Shouldice Clinic – Toronto, Canada June 15-17, 1995: “Technical and Scientific Objections to Laparoscopic Herniorrhaphy.”

Florida Surgical Society – Tampa, FL August, 1995 – “Comparative Complications of Open vs. Laparoscopic Hernia Repair.”

RIMS meeting – Naples, FL. August, 1995 – Moderator Round Table discussion “Managed Care.”

Guest Lecturer, North Shore University Hospital, Long Island, NY. September, 1995 “Sutureless Repair” and “Complications of Open Operations.”

Guest Lecturer, Annual meeting Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons – Montreal, Canada September, 1995 “Anterior Tension-Free Hernia Repairs.”

Guest Lecturer – South Miami Hospital – Morning Health Topics (presented to the  community) “Better Quality of Life After Hernia Repair” October 10, 1995.

CME presentation – Baptist Hospital of Miami, February 19, 1996. (presented to family physicians) “Hernia Surgery – The Ten Most Frequently Asked Questions.”

Guest Lecturer – “Biomaterials and Sutureless Hernia Repair” 37th Annual Congress of the Austrian Surgical Society, Graz, Austria, May, 1996.

Guest Lecturer – GREPA meeting, May, 1997, Naples, Italy, “Mesh Hernia Repair”
“Gilbert Repair Technique,” “Live Surgery Demonstration.”

Guest Lecturer –American Hernia Society Meeting – “Litigation After Hernia Surgery” Miami Beach, Florida, February 6-8, 1998.

Visiting Surgeon – American Masters, Live Video Surgery, Salzburg, Austria, June l998.

Guest Lecturer – “Current Status of Hernia Repair with Prolene Hernia System,” Austrian College of Surgeons, Vienna, Austria, June, l998.

Invited Guest Lecturer – “Introduction of Prolene Hernia System Surgical Device for Hernia Repair” – Orlando, Florida, October, 1998.

Guest Lecturer – 22nd Congreso Nacional de Cirugia, Leon, Mexico, Nov. 1-5,1998 “Inguinal Hernia Repair Without Tension.

Grand Rounds – Creighton University – “Concepts of Hernia Repair” Omaha, Nebraska November 12, 1998.

Invited Guest Lecturer – Annual Surgeons’ Meeting – Albert Einstein College of Medicine – December 11, 1998 – “Underlay, Onlay Patch Repair”.

Dr. Gilbert has authored numerous articles on herniology, and has lectured at many surgical meetings and medical schools.   He is Associate Clinical Professor of Surgery at the University of Miami Medical School.


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